A Full Plate



It’s been quite a month. I made the decision to go to Bible College at Christian Leaders Institute (If you’d like to learn more about that. click Here!) which has been keeping me busy. I’ve learned that trying to maintain a blog, school, as well as keeping up on household chores is no easy task. Throw in my disordered sleep patterns and it makes for a mess that’s extremely hard to keep up with.


4th of July – 2017

The crazy thing about it is while it does get overwhelming, I enjoy all the tasks that I do. Even when it’s hard to stay asleep or awake (both are an issue) the times that I get to have while I’m conscious I’m doing things that constantly stimulate my brain and allow me to learn so many things I didn’t know. That alone makes everything worth while even though at face value it feels like a mountain.





We’re also looking at a potential move in the coming months. It is still undetermined at this point (like everything Military related), but I’m excited to see what the future holds in store for us. If we don’t relocate this year, we will 2 years from now, which is a pretty decent gap! By my August update I should have a better idea.


I’ll also give a kitty update while I’m at it: Meena is a tad ill. After a vet visit we determined by her examination and her white blood cell count being elevated that she has a viral Upper Respiratory Infection, which is pretty similar as with humans except cats can’t wipe their own noses or tell you if they’re running a fever. I got to be on “nose duty” for a few days until the antibiotics had a chance to set in. You know your pet is family when you’re spending your nights wiping your cat’s face.




Nothing new with the other two. Peaches got a cat bed that looks like a slice of toast which is literally the best thing since sliced bread (GET IT! HA… ha.). And Bella is still a schmuck. We try to update her Twitter at least once a day to update her followers on her daily antics.






As for me, I’m debating whether I’m going to fill my entire home with mini pumpkins this month. Or is it too early? Is it ever too early?


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